New Braunfels Outer Loop Study (NBOLS)

NBOLS Planning

RJRA was the prime firm responsible for the development and evaluation of conceptual corridors, facility type, and segments of independent utility for the western half of a proposed 40 mile loop around the City of New Braunfels for TxDOT San Antonio District. The purpose of the study was to evaluate alternatives for a potential loop around New Braunfels for the preservation of ROW during platting activities. Tasks included data collection, constraints mapping, route development, evaluation and screening of alternatives, and development of a study report. Coordination activities included a preliminary design conference, agency coordination conference, the development of a technical work group, community work group as well as a series of public meetings. RJRA staff served as facilitators for these meetings.

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NBOLS Public Involvement

RJRA served as the public involvement task leader for a study that is evaluating possible corridor locations for an outer loop within a study area that is approximately a 40-mile band around the City of New Braunfels and encompasses portions of both Comal and Guadalupe Counties. The public involvement plan created for this study was aimed at including a large geographic span of stakeholders early in the study process and often throughout the one year study timeline. Public involvement activities included in the plan called for the development of a study website and hotline, the establishment of a community and a technical work group, an Agency Coordination Conference, three rounds of public meetings with each round consisting of two public meetings, a regular study newsletter, a media relations campaign to include a press conference and regular news releases, and culminating in a serious of open house events to present the final outcomes of the study.

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