IH 35 From Fischer Road to the Medina River

IH 35 at Fischer Road Engineering

As prime consultant, RJRA developed plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for the reconstruction of the frontage roads from Fischer Road to the Medina River in San Antonio for TxDOT. The project included the replacement of bridges over Medio Creek and the addition of a turnaround bridge just south of Fischer Road. This project was expedited and included extensive utility coordination as well as close coordination with Union Pacific Railroad and their construction of an intermodal facility to the west.

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IH 35 at Fischer Road Route Study

RJRA was the prime firm responsible for the development and evaluation of conceptual design alternatives to convert a two lane two way frontage road to two lane one way operation from Fischer Road to the Medina River in southwest Bexar County. Additional improvements included the reconfiguration of existing ramps and the construction of a turnaround bridge to improve safety and enhance mobility in anticipation of a new 90 million dollar intermodal facility being built by Union Pacific Railroad. RJRA staff planned and conducted stakeholder meetings, MAPO meetings, and public meeting as well as developing a geometric schematic, conceptual traffic control plan, and oversaw the development of an environmental document. For this effort, RJRA coordinated with the local counties to incorporate future thoroughfare plans into study recommendations as well as coordinating with utility companies to identify potential conflicts early. RJRA worked closely with state and federal officials to develop an IAJR.

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