FM 2536 (Old Pearsall Road) at Union Pacific Railroad

FM 2536 Engineering

As prime consultant, RJRA developed plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for the reconstruction of an existing bridge spanning two Union Pacific railroad tracks in San Antonio for TxDOT. The proposed bridge was lengthened and expanded to span two additional tracks as well as an access road linking Union Pacific’s property. The bridge was also widened to accommodate future expansion of the road to a four lane facility. This project was expedited and included extensive utility coordination as well as close coordination with Union Pacific Railroad and their construction of an intermodal facility to the east. Activities included acquiring a railroad permit.

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FM 2536 Route Study

RJRA developed and evaluated conceptual design alternatives to reconstruct the existing grade separation over Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks in anticipation of the addition of two new tracks and an access road. RJRA staff planned and conducted stakeholder meetings, MAPO meetings, and public meetings as well as developing a geometric schematic, conceptual traffic control plan, preliminary utility coordination, and oversaw the development of an environmental document. Further, RJRA staff coordinated closely with Union Pacific and TxDOT in the development of an advanced funding agreement and railroad permit.

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