Traffic Engineering Projects

The RJRA Traffic Engineering team offers services for data collection, traffic design, and traffic analysis. The following is a list of our traffic projects:

In addition to the projects specifically mentioned above, RJRA has provided traffic data collection services including the collection of automated 24-hour counts, AM and PM Turning Movement Counts, and the analysis of traffic data utilizing CORSIM for a variety of projects and clients including:

FM 1516 Operational Analysis

RJRA conducted an operational analysis for TxDOT San Antonio District to determine if recommended improvements (widening the existing 2-lane roadway to a 4-lane roadway with raised medians, turn bays to facilitate left turns, and a railroad grade separation) would be warranted. Results from the CORSIM Traffic Micro-simulation Model component of the Traffic Software Integrated System (TSIS) served as the basis for comparison between the “No-Build” scenario and the “Recommended” Alternative. RJRA collected automated 24-hour counts to determine AM and PM peak ranges, performed AM and PM Turning Movement Counts, and balanced AM and PM data sets thoroughly.

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Longhorn Quarry

RJRA conducted traffic data collections of 9 turning movement counts (TMC) and 3 automatic traffic recorder (ATR) counts at Longhorn Quarry development in San Antonio. TMC included both AM and PM peak-hour vehicular and pedestrian counts.

Lackland Air Force Base

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RJRA conducted continuous 5-day automatic traffic recorder (ATR) counts at 15 strategic ingress/egress locations throughout Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Count data collected included both traffic volumes and vehicle classification counts. Project involved field installing, monitoring, and removing of the tube counters and count data processing and report generating.

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